Enough of the Junk Food Shaming

You feel as if that pint of creamy vanilla ice cream swirled with salty, sweet caramel and fudgy brownies in your freezer is just calling your name. You can imagine the smell of those fresh baked doughnuts dipped in sugary icing at your local bakery. Your stash of chocolate is waiting in your cupboard. You are slowly starting to give in to your temptations when you stop yourself. “NO. I can’t eat that. I would feel too guilty,” you think as you sit back down and try to distract yourself from “bad” things.

Since when did eating sweets or junk foods turn into feeling guilty about ourselves or making others feel guilty? I’ve seen so many women on social media apologizing for eating a slice of pizza, digging into a hamburger and fries, or enjoying an ice cream cone, or a doughnut. I’ve also seen so many women get criticized by other women for eating food that is “unhealthy.” A woman is out with her friends, and while they’re all getting salads, she decides to order a bacon cheeseburger. They stare at her, shocked. Or a woman is offered a cupcake and giggles, “Oh, I shouldn’t!” for fear that she may be judged.

Now, I’m not promoting eating chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, pizza for lunch, potato chips for a snack, fried chicken for dinner, and ice cream for dessert every day. But if you’re eating well throughout the week and want a milkshake on a Friday night, or buttery popcorn and Buncha Crunch at the movies, or doughnuts on a Saturday morning, treat yourself. And don’t feel guilty about it or apologize for it. I’m not a nutritionist, but I believe if you eat foods that are nutritious regularly and indulge in junk foods every so often, you’re pretty healthy. Shaming yourself and others for eating those foods is pretty unhealthy. So let’s encourage others to eat well, but not make them feel guilty for ordering cheesecake every once in a while.

I’m going to eat a Reese’s egg (cause they’re out now!), thanks for listening. 🙂


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