Learning to Shake It Off

When Taylor Swift’s single “Shake It Off” came out a little over a year ago, it quickly moved its way up on my most played songs on iTunes, and into my mental list of favorite songs. It is one of the few songs that can get me to dance at a wedding, I blast it in my car, and shout out “THIS SICK BEAT!” Who doesn’t shout that part? I know it’s not just me. Besides the fact that the song is extremely catchy, singable, and danceable (and shoutable), it has some depth to it.

I got to witness Taylor’s 1989 World Tour in Nashville this weekend. It was a dream. I love how ok she is with being herself, quirky dance moves and all. I’m a firm believer that Taylor Swift is a genius. She knows how to craft songs, execute a mind-blowing tour, and market herself without looking like she’s even trying. She is also very well-spoken, not just in her lyrics, but in the words she says during her show. Before playing her song, “Clean,” she made a speech (dubbed by Swifties as the “Clean Speech”) She talked about how people will say mean things and things that aren’t true. Which is one of the reasons she wrote “Shake It Off” in the first place.

Taylor Swift gets more hate than I think I ever will, but I still relate to what she says. People have said things about me that are not true, have been fake with me, and not been supportive of things I have done. I believe that is common with everyone. We will always have people say things about us that are hurtful. People will be judgmental. People will disapprove of something we do because they do not know the situation or because they are jealous. People will be “liars and dirty dirty cheats” and sometimes there’s nothing we can do about it.

I’m learning to shake those things off. To shake off the fakers, to shake off those who do not take the time to get to know me or ask about what is happening in my life.
I am learning that I cannot control people’s opinions, but I can control the things about me that are true. I can control how I react when I have a bad day or when something doesn’t go my way.

So blast “Shake It Off” when someone says something negative about you, when you have a bad day at work or at school, when you make dinner that doesn’t turn out, when someone doesn’t have integrity, when it’s raining when you just curled your hair, or for any other reason when something doesn’t go your way. Also, yell “THIS SICK BEAT!” It’ll help, I guarantee. Or you could just take a deep breath and tell yourself to shake it off and let it go (I will not write a blog post about that song.) But I recommend jamming to “Shake It Off,” it’s more fun than taking deep breaths.


Shake It Off is owned by its respective owners. No copyright infringement intended. 


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