Three Things We’ve Learned in Three Months of Marriage

Today we have been married for three whole months. I know everyone says time flies when you are married. But seriously, three months has gone so fast.

I know we have a lifetime of lessons to learn from one another and with each other, but I’ve already learned a few things during these three months. I also asked my husband to share three things he has learned to make things more interesting.

Three Things I Have Learned in Three Months of Marriage:

1. Saying you are sorry is worth it.

Arguments will happen. Sometimes I drive my husband crazy; sometimes he annoys me. We are not perfect, and we both fail each other daily. It’s crucial to humble yourself, admit when you are wrong, sincerely apologize, and work to be better. Even though it sucks to admit when I am wrong, it is always worth it.

2. Full-size beds are small.

We were spoiled with king beds during our honeymoon. We got back, I took one look at our full size bed and said “Nope.” A new bed will be our first major purchase. I’m a light sleeper, so I wake up multiple times during the night because of our tiny bed. But, I would take lack of sleep over not being able to share a bed with my husband every time.

3. It’s incredibly fun living with my best friend.

I love living with my husband and seeing him every day. The mundane things in life like grocery shopping, cleaning the house, and shopping for toothpaste is much more enjoyable with him. We get to laugh, sing loudly, cook, watch The Office, dream of the future, and go on dates whenever. It’s the best.

Andddddd for Kyle’s list. I told him he needed to explain his three lessons, and I quote, “I think mine are pretty self-explanatory.” So these are his exact words. Sometimes he’s a man of few words, but I know he means every one of them.

Three Things Kyle Has Learned in Three Months of Marriage:

  1. The Best Part of My Day is Coming Home and Seeing You


2. Goofiness is Infectious

Write something about tickle fights, weird accents, singing, listening to Disney music in the mornings. Something like that.

3. Have a Good Attitude When Doing Something the Other Person Enjoys (Even if You Don’t Enjoy It)



I am so happy that I get to have many more months learning silly and hard lessons with that man.

Here’s to three months!



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