The Temp

I recently started a temporary job at a trucking company. HA. ME at a trucking company. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to hearing swear words every other sentence and stories about hangovers and partying (Yes, I went to private schools my whole life). My day involves filing, copying, scanning, entering numbers in a computer, filing, pulling files, filing, copying, faxing, copying, entering more numbers, filing, and copying. Thankfully, a temp job is, well, temporary and I’m continuously reminding myself that this is just a season. Even though this job is not ideal, I know the Lord has placed me here for a purpose. I believe He is teaching me to be diligent in my work, though the work is mundane.

Most people there work because it’s a job. They don’t seem to enjoy what they are doing or find purpose in their work. In the three weeks that I have been there, I can kind of see why. During my frequent times of filing bills, I ask the Lord for patience and how I can be of help to those working there.

I believe He wants me to be joy in that office. He wants me to be positive and have a smile on my face even though I want to complain, or sigh, or get frustrated. It’s hard coming into work with a cheerful attitude, when I really don’t want to. But, I am thankful for a job and that the Lord has given me the opportunity to bring glory to Him. If you think about it, pray that I will continue to allow the Lord to work through me and to be light in that office. Also, pray for new opportunities after this temporary position is over.

P.S. I haven’t started an office fire.


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